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Improve your HEALTH

We are Omnia — a team of passionate professionals empowering you with the right tools to live a healthier and happier life.

By creating a vibrant and inspiring environment, we encourage you to unlock your potential and guide you toward your goals.

We make personal training a unique experience — tailored to your goals, carefully guided, and sustainable over the long term.

We push your limits when you need it, track your progress, and celebrate your accomplishments — all while having fun.

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  • Highly involved 
  • Results oriented
  • Encouraging and supportive


As each of us is a highly-qualified professional, we make a strong team of experts passionate about helping you reach your goals.

Wesley Delbaere photo

Wesley Delbaere

Founder / Head Trainer
Martin Beranek photo

Martin Beranek

Personal Trainer / Physiotherapist
Functional hypertrophy
Strength and conditioning
Saskia Postma photo

Saskia Postma

Personal Trainer
David Meijer photo

David Meijer

Personal Trainer / Physiotherapist
Functional hypertrophy
Fat loss
Martins Bekeris  photo

Martins Bekeris

Personal Trainer / Physiotherapist
Resistance training
Weight management
Raissa Wetselaar photo

Raissa Wetselaar

Personal Trainer
Olympic weightlifting
Mehdi Boukhrissi photo

Mehdi Boukhrissi

Personal Trainer
Olympic weightlifting
Larry Mims photo

Larry Mims

Fascia Stretch Therapist