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Leonard Witkamp photo

Leonard Witkamp


A really good atmosphere with attention to exercise, nutrition, and of course, humor. A place where you can be yourself. Highly recommended for people who, like me, do not have the "I-must-be-every-day-exercise" gene but who do find health and balance important.

The first step was the hardest, but after that, it gradually became more fun. I now enjoy going to my training sessions without feeling forced. 

07 Oct 2022
Catherine Miner photo

Catherine Miner

Managing Partner

I’ve had sports injuries from the past so my trainer has created a safe program allowing me to get stronger and fitter! 

Omnia is the best personal training I have ever worked with!  Having an extensive athletic background makes me a more knowledgeable and appreciative of their skill than the average client.  

What I am most happy with, in addition to improving my fitness, is the care and attention to ensuring that I do not injure myself.  I have had several sports injuries from the past that have limited my ability to progress.  My trainer has created a program for me to prevent further injury while at the same time allowing me to get stronger and fitter! The atmosphere is fun and light — so I always look forward to my training sessions.

03 Oct 2022
Conrad Whelan  photo

Conrad Whelan


I really enjoy working out here. Professional, thoughtful, results-oriented, and all the other inspiring things, including the murals and the garden views. Good advice for everything (and a regular sauna too!)

02 Oct 2022
Freek Bartels photo

Freek Bartels


Through good personal guidance from a team of experts and specialists I have made enormous progress and am happy with the results. It is a beautiful studio in a great location in the center of Amsterdam. 

Perfect if you lead a busy life and want to start training with the right guidance. So if, like me, you want to get back to work seriously and get fitter with results, I absolutely recommend checking out Omnia. 

01 Feb 2022
Gerhard du Plessis photo

Gerhard du Plessis

Chief Legal Officer

Omnia is for everyone who is serious about achieving their personal fitness goals. The gym is beautifully designed and equipped with state-of-the-art high-end German and Canadian manufactured machines, racks, and weights. 

The personal trainers work as a team, providing unrivaled personal attention and closely monitoring and supporting their clients’ progress. The gym has a welcoming atmosphere where you can work hard at your goals, share a laugh, and become part of the Omnia family.

09 Feb 2021
Ryan Sarver  photo

Ryan Sarver


Beautiful space with all the equipment you could ever need. The team is very knowledgeable and great to work with. I've been going to Omnia for a few months now and love it. They have helped me get into a really good regimen, and I've seen strong gains already. Highly recommend Omnia!

11 Jan 2021
Claire Westlake photo

Claire Westlake

Marketing director

I have made significant strength gains and body composition improvements and had a lot of fun doing so. Every member of the team is friendly and energetic, creating an inspiring, welcoming environment free of intimidation. is friendly and energetic, creating an inspiring, welcoming environment free of intimidation. 

The personal training experience at Omnia is personalized from top to bottom. The trainers take the time to understand your specific goals, habits, and lifestyle so that your workout, nutrition, and recovery programs are tailored to what you want and need.

If you are considering investing in your health and fitness, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at Omnia. Guidance and encouragement is not limited only to training sessions, it's ongoing.

17 Nov 2020
Fabiana Feder photo

Fabiana Feder

Business Analyst

Highly recommend it. Great trainers, high-quality equipment, and personalized training. Happy to see my body changing so quickly.

10 Jul 2020
Karl Bieberach photo

Karl Bieberach

Senior Vice President Global Development

It's a different experience from any other gym I've known. Definitely, the best place if you want to get a fitness boost. What sets it apart is the people that run the place and that take special care of guiding your fitness program, motivating you, providing an outlet for stress, and contributing to a sense of community. 

The coaches are just great people; it takes a very short time to like them, and I look forward to seeing them regularly, much like a good friend. It is a beautiful, private personal training studio and well worth the price.

06 Feb 2020