Omnia’s professionals are experienced in the field and highly educated.

I am originally from Belgium and I have always been passionate about strength training and health optimization.
    As a fanatic athlete I’m really interested in the human body. I made the choice to study physiotherapy and to become a physiotherapist in Alkmaar.
      I was born and raised in France. Since I spent my childhood around sports fields and swimming pools, I have a special bond with sports.
        I am Larry Mims, Omnia’s fascia stretch therapist. I’m born in Delran New Jersey in the United States and I have a background in Health Education.
          Social, energetic and vital , that's how you can describe me. I love nothing more than to inspire people, help them push their limits to bring out the best in them.
            As from a very young age I experienced the dynamic nature of life I live in. While being passionate about long outdoor hikes,
              have travelled the world seeking knowledge from the best strength trainers and health professionals in the business so that I can pass on the wisdom and make your life easier. I believe strength training is one of the best medicines and one of the best things you can do for your body to prevent injury, pain and physical discomfort caused by the 21st century lifestyle.
                I have always had an appreciation for human physiology and nature; and in order to get a better understanding of it and to satisfy my desire for growth and learning

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