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Personal trainer

Strength training
Nutritional guidance
Holistic coaching

Working hours — full-time, 40 hours per week
Flexible shifts — between 7:00-22:00
Salary — higher than average. Based on experience, education, and working hours, and discussed individually with a successful candidate.
Languages: fluent English is a must; everything else is a plus.

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Omnia Personal Training is the first high-end studio in Amsterdam with a holistic approach to human well-being. In addition to strength training, we focus on nutrition guidance, stress management, gut health, hormonal balance, recovery and rehabilitation, and other aspects of our clients' lives. We develop highly individualized programs to improve clients' physical and mental health, and focus on the sustainable improvement of their results. 

Our mission is simple yet meaningful. We strive to improve people's health and quality of life through a personalized, comprehensive personal training experience in a safe, supportive environment. 

To be a great fit for our team, you need to share our values. Here is what we believe in: 

Quality is everything

We ensure the highest quality for our clients at every step of their journey. Highly-qualified personal trainers, top-quality equipment and facilities, excellent service and high professional standards, best beauty products, refreshments, and supplements. Quality is non-negotiable and is our core value. 

We believe in people

This means we believe in you. The desire to help people brought us to this business, and people have been our motivation and inspiration ever since. As much as we invest in providing the best experience for our clients, we also put every effort into building a great team of professionals, providing conditions for their sustainable growth and development, too. 

Continuous learning and improvement

We’re always at the cutting edge of what’s working in the field, what’s evolving, and being studied. The desire to be better every day is what moves us forward. 


  • Formal qualification in at least one of the following disciplines; Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Human Movement Sciences, Sports Management 

  • You must have experience in creating and periodizing training schemes 

  • Personal training experience of at least 2 years 

  • Basic knowledge of Nutrition guidance

Desirable Experience

Knowledge about hormonal balance, gut health, detoxification processes, blood sugar neurotransmitter production, the role of supplements and lifestyle, sleep optimization, and energy levels. 

Alongside the professional skills, we are looking for individuals who are:

  • Team players — you know how to be a part of the team. You're engaged in the results of every client, contribute to increasing the quality and service level at Omnia, and will be there for your colleagues when they need it. 

  • Hungry for knowledge — you have the urge to learn, improve, develop, and grow together with the company. In Omnia, we learn every day. And we want you to. 

  • Full of initiative — you have a problem-solving mindset; you're active, enthusiastic, and proactive. You're interested in improving and optimizing the workflow. You don't wait to be told, you act. 

  • Friendly and empathic — you care for people. Whatever they need from you, you're there to give a hand.

  • Open-minded — you're flexible and capable of trying new approaches, techniques, and experiences. You believe nothing is unrealistic until proven wrong. 

  • Excited about our approach — you are interested in our unique concept and would like to learn more about our comprehensive look at well-being.


  • Working in a team of passionate young professionals with a lot of knowledge and experience, and having a chance to make a difference in the personal training industry of Amsterdam. 

  • Working in a vibrant area of Amsterdam (Center or Jordaan) in high-end historical buildings with a garden. 

  • High-quality and unique equipment, wellness area, infrared sauna and steam bath.

  • Opportunity to grow with the internal and external educational programs.

  • Competitive salary — higher than average. Monthly bonuses. 

  • Not just a personal trainer — you’ll be an equal part of the team. You will take an active role in decision-making processes, your ideas matter, and your opinion means a lot. You grow together with Omnia. 

  • Holistic concept — you get to work with a unique approach and get fulfillment and satisfaction from making people healthier and happier.

  • Networking — you’ll always be surrounded by successful experts from different fields (Uber, Twitter, Belmond, Amazon). 

  • Team activities — boat trips, barbeques in our private garden, dinners, physical activities (challenges, games, golf). Have we already mentioned we like to invest in our team a lot?

  • Refreshments at work — free access to our high-quality coffee, tea, organic fruits and healthy snacks. 

Ready to have a fulfilling, meaningful job and feel good about the impact you make on people’s lives? Apply to become a personal trainer at Omnia now.

Each personal trainer is highly valued and plays a significant role in Omnia's success. Choosing the right person for our team is crucial, and we take the selection process very seriously. If you feel like we could be a great match, reach out to us with your motivation letter and CV. In your motivation letter, please mention how our holistic approach aligns with your vision of personal training.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, future colleague!