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Lifestyle 06 Oct 2022 6 min

6 good reasons to work with a personal trainer in Amsterdam

Looking for a personal trainer in Amsterdam? A good choice, because a personal trainer offers nothing but advantages. Especially in a city like Amsterdam, where life goes fast and the workload is high. Then you could use some extra help from a professional, right? Investing in a personal trainer equals investing in yourself. We would like to list the benefits of a personal trainer in Amsterdam for you. Bet we can convince you to work with a personal trainer?

You work and live at a blistering pace. Usually challenging, often interesting, always demanding. Working overtime to finish a project? No problem! Networking with colleagues until late at night on a Friday evening? Right away! You have everything under control. How can a personal trainer in Amsterdam help you?

At least you think so. Because after a while in a demanding and challenging environment like Amsterdam, your body starts to protest. That steak from a few days ago suddenly made your belly grow, during the daily bike ride to the office you are quickly out of breath, and in your little free time, you have no energy left… Time to do something about that, don’t you think?

What can help? The first thing that comes to mind is to join the gym that you cycle past every day. After work, you step inside in a good mood, but soon you return to your steps. A crowded space with sweaty bodybuilders, an impersonal atmosphere, and an uninviting setting is clearly not for you. You can’t keep this up.

But you don’t give up that quickly. You really want to change something, commit to improving your health and lifestyle. You are willing to invest in yourself, to increase your productivity, and to become your energetic, creative self again. What you need is personal guidance from someone who knows your situation, who wants to help you personally. Someone who creates a bond with you, sets goals and wants to make progress with you. A personal trainer.

Invest in yourself with a personal trainer

Personal training has many benefits, much more than you might initially think. We are happy to list the 6 best reasons to work with a personal coach in Amsterdam.

Reason 1: clarity and structure

We are overrun with information. Thanks to our smartphones, we have all the knowledge of the world in our pocket. A blessing, but also a doom. One article says that carbohydrates are healthy, the other blog argues for a low-carbohydrate diet. So many contradictions. What can you still believe?

Fortunately, a personal coach can provide clarity and structure. A good personal trainer continues to develop in terms of knowledge and new trends in his field. This translates into a clear philosophy and approach in the personal training studio.

Reason 2: consistency and continuity

You have committed to running three times a week. In the first week, you complete your training to perfection. Easy! In week two you skip a training through a meeting at work. In week three, you can’t find the motivation to train…

The commitment you make with a personal trainer is from a completely different order. Thanks to regular appointments and personal, realistic goals, your personal trainer makes sure that you stick to the initial plan effectively. This makes it much more difficult to just stop working on yourself and your health. And on the toughest days, the social pressure eventually persuades you to do that training anyway. Just what you needed… True commitment!

Your personal trainer makes sure you stick to the plan

Reason 3: extra motivation

After a long, demanding day at the office, you come home exhausted. You intended to perform several strength exercises, but the motivation is hard to find. Yet you force yourself to get started. However, after 7 reps instead of 10, you quit.

Personal trainers are master motivators. During a training session with your personal trainer you train harder, you get encouragement and realistic goals are set. Tracking progress and having a clear plan also provides a motivational boost.

Reason 4: avoid injuries

You subscribe to the gym and search for a training schedule online. For three weeks you toiled with weights until one Monday morning you wake up with severe back pain. The doctor tells you that you should not exercise for at least two months.

A personal trainer will help you with how you should perform an exercise properly. This way you prevent annoying injuries. A good personal coach likes to share his knowledge with his athletes, so it will make you smarter, too. And that, in turn, provides a huge boost to your self-confidence.

A personal trainer makes sure you perform an exercise properly

Reason 5: customization

You are tired of those excess kilos and you decide to do something about it. And preferably as soon as possible. You start with intensive training five times a week and add a brisk run on Sunday. After two weeks you have already lost 3 kg, but after that, you experience a relapse. You feel down, have no energy, and prefer to lie in bed all day. You also have some inflammation in your legs.

A personal trainer provides a training schedule based on your specific needs and wishes. Always with your ultimate goal in mind. In doing so, your personal coach does not lose sight of the weak spots in your body. Balance is always key for good personal trainers. It is important to know that there are several roads to Rome – or better, to Amsterdam 😉 -, but only one is the fastest and most efficient. Your personal trainer will stand by your side.

A personal trainer provides a training schedule based on your needs and wishes

Reason 6: it’s pure fun

In fact, there are many more reasons to hire a personal trainer in Amsterdam – and honestly, anywhere in the world. A personal trainer provides new, creative exercises. Working with a personal coach offers exclusivity – and therefore not a crowded gym. You get to know new, like-minded people. The circumstances are extra hygienic… And we can go on and on about the advantages. But the most important reason: it’s just pure fun. Training in a personal training studio requires an investment of time and money, but you get a lot more in return.

And what should that cost exactly?

We convinced you of the advantages of a personal trainer in Amsterdam, didn’t we? But now you naturally want to know what that personal guidance will cost you… As with any investment you make, value for money is the most important factor.

The price of personal training will therefore strongly depend on the quality, which in turn is influenced by various factors:

  • Location
  • Services
  • Quality of the material
  • Vision and approach
  • The intensity of the guidance
  • Quality and training of the personal trainers
Where in Amsterdam can I find the best personal training?

In a demanding city like Amsterdam, the range of gyms, sports centers, and personal training studios is only increasing. If you enter the terms ‘personal trainer Amsterdam’, ‘personal trainers Amsterdam’, ‘trainer Amsterdam’ or ‘personal training Amsterdam’ in a search engine, you will see more than 70 million results. How can you filter out the best personal training studio from all that offer?

Very simple. Look for the personal training studio that offers the best quality in all aspects. How about for example:

  • A prime location in the heart of Amsterdam with an attractive lounge and spacious garden
  • Equipment of the highest quality
  • A total approach: from training to nutrition, from lifestyle to sleeping habits
  • A laid-back atmosphere
  • The best personal trainers
  • All amenities included: from amino acids to sauna, from shower products to protein shake

Found it? Welcome to Omnia.

Omnia distinguishes itself from any other personal training studio in Amsterdam by offering the best of the best in all possible areas. At Omnia, a holistic, total approach is the focus. Everything is available to achieve your personal goals.

Are you someone who doesn’t like to deliver half work? If you go for something, you go for it with 100 percent dedication? Then you expect the same from others. And certainly of your personal trainer, who invests a lot of time together with you in your health and your future. Omnia’s personal trainers go 100 percent for your personal result, for your overall experience.

This way you can fully concentrate on what is really important. That way you stay in balance. Ready to invest in yourself?

The Omnia team is ready for you

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