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Personal Training

Improve your health with holistic personal trainers in Amsterdam who address all aspects of your well-being and guide you toward a healthier, happier life.

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About us

At Omnia, personal trainers consider every aspect of your well-being. Together with you, we create tailored programs to improve your physical and mental health.

By integrating strength training, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle advice, our coaches work with you to fulfill your potential and lead you toward your goals. Our holistic personal training in Amsterdam enhances your quality of life and ensures sustainable improvement in your results.

Environment designed for growth

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Bespoke approach

With every aspect of your life in mind, we use our expertise to create tailored programs to reach your goals and ensure sustainable improvements in your results.

Superb quality

From world-class training equipment to luxury shower products, we’ve thought of everything, and top quality is at the core of everything we do.

Training experience

With attention to every detail, we create a one-of-a-kind training experience you will find yourself looking forward to every week.

Meet the TEAM


Wesley Delbaere

Founder / Head Trainer
I’m honored to have formed a team of highly-qualified professionals who go above and beyond daily to help our clients reach their goals.

By integrating physical personal training, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle advice, we believe we can enhance your quality of life and ensure long-term, sustainable improvements in your results. Our comprehensive approach is focused on balancing and gradually enriching every aspect of your life to get you physically and mentally fit.

Our Amsterdam team is shaped by the best in the field professionals and is led by one united approach. By creating an inspiring environment with ongoing guidance and encouragement, we empower you with the best tools to reach your goals. Every team member is involved in your program and passionate about your results.

Feel the difference by personal training with the most unique and best-performing strength equipment worldwide here in Amsterdam. Renowned for its innovative designs, smooth movement, and overall durability, it is the best choice to improve your performance and physical ability. Our equipment is rare and is made for those who are dedicated to taking their performance seriously.

Located on the picturesque canal of Keizersgracht and in the heart of Jordaan in Amsterdam, our studios are beyond eye-catching. It's where state-of-the-art historical buildings meet contemporary facilities. The real hidden gem is our private garden — a true green oasis and a perfect place to have a drink and unwind after a workout.

From the moment you walk in, everything is taken care of. Luxurious beauty products, soft towels, quality drinks and refreshments, organic fruits, amino acids, and post-workout protein shakes — everything is included to ensure a smooth and pleasant training experience for you.

Unwind and recharge after a challenging personal training session in the wellness area. Reduce pain and preserve muscle strength in a steam bath, speed muscle recovery and promote muscle growth in the infrared sauna. Not only does it bring relaxation but supercharges your workout performance.



Based on 216 Google reviews

Leonard Witkamp photo
Leonard Witkamp

A really good atmosphere with attention to exercise, nutrition, and of course, humor. A place where you can be yourself. Highly recommended ...

Posted on
Catherine Miner photo
Catherine Miner

Omnia is the best personal training I have ever worked with! What I am most happy with, is the care and attention to ensuring that I do not ...

Posted on
Conrad Whelan  photo
Conrad Whelan

I really enjoy working out here. Professional, thoughtful, results-oriented, and all the other inspiring things, including the murals and th...

Posted on
Freek Bartels photo
Freek Bartels

Through good personal guidance from a team of experts I have made enormous progress and am very happy with the results. Perfect if you lead ...

Posted on
Gerhard Plessis photo
Gerhard Plessis

Omnia is for everyone who is serious about achieving their personal fitness goals. The personal trainers work as a team, providing unrivaled...

Posted on
Ryan Sarver  photo
Ryan Sarver

Beautiful space with all the equipment you could ever need. The team is very knowledgeable and great to work with. I've been going to Omnia ...

Posted on
Claire Westlake photo
Claire Westlake

I have made significant strength gains and body composition improvements and had a lot of fun doing so. Every member of the team is friendly...

Posted on
Fabiana Feder photo
Fabiana Feder

Highly recommend it. Great trainers, high-quality equipment, and personalized training. Happy to see my body changing so quickly.

Posted on
Karl Bieberach photo
Karl Bieberach

Definitely, the best place if you want to get a fitness boost. What sets it apart is the people that run the place and that take special car...

Posted on
Jerome Butez photo
Jerome Butez

Omnia team are real professionals who love their job! They are genuinely interested in you, your progress and well-being, coaching you on al...

Posted on