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Omnia Magic Box ✨

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Magic Box

Do you love Omnia? Would you recommend it to your friend? If so, we're thrilled to introduce the Omnia Magic Box ✨ — a collection of secret gifts and experiences crafted by us, especially for you.

Omnia Magic Box ✨ is a mysterious collection of tailor-made gifts and experiences we've developed to enrich your lifestyle, boost your health and well-being, and create great memories. Every gift is designed with you in mind — with attention and respect for your personal goals and lifestyle.

All you need to do is spread the word and refer someone you know to Omnia. When they start, you'll get to uncover the Omnia Magic Box ✨ and get one of the experiences for yourself.

Why is it called a Magic Box?

Cause it brings the magic! We are grateful to everyone who spreads the word and introduces Omnia to their communities. Thanks to you, we make a difference every day and empower more people to live healthier and happier lives. By introducing the Omnia Magic Box ✨, we want to thank you for contributing to our mission and helping more people improve their health and well-being. Isn’t that magical?

What's in the box?

Nobody knows. The collection has been carefully developed by our team with attention to your needs and is guaranteed to surprise you. What's hidden in the box is a mystery you'll yet get to unfold.

How do I get to choose my gift?

Choosing a specific gift is impossible. Refer someone you know to Omnia, and when they start, you'll get a chance to randomly pick one of the gifts we've prepared.

How many people can I refer?

The sky’s the limit. With every new person you refer, you'll get a chance to pick a gift out of the Omnia Magic Box ✨.

Ready to unfold the mystery of the Omnia Magic Box ✨? Then let the world know about Omnia, and we'll make sure to surprise you!