In my younger years I used to be a high-intensity athlete and have worked with a lot of different trainers and coaches over the years. I have also seen and trained in many gyms over the years. Omnia Personal Training has by far been my best experience and is, in my opinion, outstanding in terms of specific strength-related scientific knowledge, nutrition, equipment and overall quality of the facilities. Above all, Omnia lives and breathes the trainer’s spirits and enthusiasm for their clients. Omnia feels like your second living-room minus the couch and bad eating habits that might overcome you at home 😉 In my opinion, Omnia is the right place for you whether you are a (semi)professional athlete, a newbie to sports/strength training, hate or love sports, either way, Omnia will contribute to your health and well-being.

Omnia helped me to get back on track after a bad sports injury. I wasn’t able to do proper sports for 5 years. With their excellent program, knowledge and individual support, they helped me to reconnect with my body, made my body strong again, and restarted my passion for sports. Omnia feels like my second home. I love the spirit, the atmosphere, and the good workouts.

After some time doing little in the field of fitness and training, I found the pleasure in training again at Omnia.
Through good personal guidance by a team of experts and specialists, I have made enormous progress in a relatively short time and I am happy with the results.
It is a beautiful studio in a beautiful location right in the center of Amsterdam. Perfect if you lead a busy life and you want to train purposefully with the right guidance.
So if, like me, you want to get back to work and become fitter with results, then I definitely recommend you to take a look at Omnia.

Omnia is a beautiful training studio in a great location with everything you need…a gym area, two saunas, massage area, and an outdoor garden/training area. It’s a fantastic place to learn about nutrition and how to work out properly. Their focus is on long-term health as well as short-term gains, and this is reflected in the way that the trainers work with you. The program includes free amino’s during your workout and a free protein shake afterward (I recommend the chocolate-coconut). There is a physiotherapist as well as a fascial stretch therapist on site. My regular trainer is Andrew, who is a great motivator for those hard early morning workouts, and also always ready with a joke and a laugh. Give them a try, you won’t regret it!

If you are considering investing in your health and fitness, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Omnia. The personal training experience at this studio is exactly that, personalised from top to bottom.
The trainers take the time to understand your specific goals, habits and lifestyle, so that your workout, nutrition and recovery programmes are tailored to what you want and need.
Guidance and encouragement is not limited only to training sessions, it’s ongoing. Just as importantly for me, every member of the team is friendly and energetic, creating a welcoming,
inspiring environment, free of intimidation.
I’ve been training with the Omnia team for 10 months now, have made significant strength gains and body composition improvements, and had a lot of fun doing so.

Highly recommend it. The main reasons for me are:
– Great trainers.
– Personalized training and equipment (High quality).
Results (happy to see my body changing so quickly and healthy)

I started at Omnia after months of sustained low activity due to working from home and other COVID-related inhibitors. As someone who never enjoyed the training aspect of athletics,
I had never taken part in any organized strength training, nor worked with a personal trainer. The team at Omnia is incredibly well educated and aligned on their approach, and most importantly
they make working out fun! In two months I have made excellent progress in both strength and body composition goals, and I look forward to every session.
I view the world-class facilities and amenities as icing on the cake – I’d train with this team in any gym.
A massive thank you to David, Wesley, Andrew, Larry, and the rest of the Omnia team for creating and facilitating an environment rich with motivation, and devoid of judgment.

Omnia is a beautiful, private personal training studio situated on the Keizersgracht in Central Amsterdam. Many things make this place special: the equipment has been thoughtfully selected and
is perfectly maintained; the space is ample, pristine and pleasant, including a nice mural; there is a private garden perfect for outdoor exercise and an oasis in the midst of the city;
the changing rooms are comfortable with clean and spacious showers, a sauna and a steam room. Amino drinks and protein shakes are provided, as well as clean towels and lockers.
All this is probably available elsewhere too, but what sets Omnia apart is the people that run the place and that take special care guiding your fitness program, motivating you,
providing an outlet for stress, and contributing to a sense of community. The coaches, Wesley, David, Andrew and Larry – are just great people; it takes a very short time to like them,
and look forward to seeing them regularly much like a good friend. It is a different experience from any other gym I have known, and well worth the price.

I’ve been training with Omnia from the start.
Wesley and the team make a great effort in helping their clients to a more healthy lifestyle.
Coming from a severe back injury and people telling me ‘I couldn’t do stuff anymore, the can-do mentality at Omnia helped me to get back in great shape.
Love their holistic approach in changing my lifestyle not only to become fit but stay fit and healthy for a long time.

As someone who, over the years, has had a love-hate relationship with working out, I’ve always struggled to feel at ease in a gym. But training at Omnia has been an altogether different experience.
From the very first intake session, there is an emphasis placed on getting to know you and your goals so that they can create a customized program that gives you the set of tools you need to develop a nutrition and training plan that not only provides results but one that is sustainable over the long term.
The facilities are nothing short of superb. But what sets Omnia apart are the trainers. I’ve worked with all of them in my almost 3 years as a client and they are all truly exceptional. And genuinely good people too.
Like the others, my trainer, Andrew Dawson, focuses on improving your form and building your confidence, and he knows just how hard to push you, all the while somehow managing to make the entire experience fun.
If you’re on the fence about joining, give it a go. I can’t recommend Omnia enough!

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