Our name reflects our philosophy: Omnia’s personal training encompasses all aspects that contribute to your well-being. Together with you, we develop tailored programs to improve your physical and mental health.

Our Approach

Strength training is, of course, a crucial part of our training program, but to be truly successful in the long-term, a comprehensive, well-considered and individualized approach is necessary.

Our coaches are trained to pay attention to all relevant aspects of our clients’ well-being including the development of a physically healthier and aesthetic body, choosing nutrient-dense foods, improving sleep quality and managing stress, optimizing gut health, minimizing toxic exposure, enhancing detoxification pathways and balancing hormones.

We see the body as one large synergistic interaction of various physiological processes which must positively influence one another.

Our personal training is comprehensive!

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Training a client with squats

Program & Prices

Through our wide range of programs, we try to reach and help as many people as possible. Omnia tries to create something for everyone. In addition to personal training, we also offer other services including consultations, corporate business, physiotherapy and fascial stretching.

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Customer satisfaction and customer experience are primary to us. Do you want to know what other customers have to say about Omnia? Read our testimonials here.

Your inspiration, our motivation.

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Our Hub is a creative, innovative and informative environment where you can taste Omnia’s philosophy. We have an infinite amount of experience and knowledge that we would like to share with you. By bundling our articles about health, training, nutrition and lifestyle, it is our ambition to help you on your way to better health and get to know our vision.

We invite you to search, discover and learn in our Hub.

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About Us

Our experienced and expert coaches will help you achieve your goals as effectively and individually as possible. In addition to our professional approach, we try to keep the customer experience as pleasant as possible. One of our main goals is to let Omnia members enjoy their time with us. We do this by making the atmosphere in our studio as motivating, supportive, and as fun as possible. Everyone feels involved in your result.


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Carbohydrates: controversial, but more useful than we think

Carbohydrates: controversial, but more useful than we think

You eat them every day. Carbohydrates are an important part of our diet, but also one of our most controversial nutrients. On one website you read "carbs are unhealthy", while another blog titles "carbs are essential for a healthy diet". What are carbohydrates and...





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