Our Programs - OMNIA

At Omnia we offer various programs.

Omnia Health

Omnia Health is our most popular program, specially developed for everyone who wants to consciously deal with their health, regardless of age. It includes a health check, physical assessments, skinfold measurements, challenging workouts, nutritional guidance, lifestyle tips and possibilities for recovery and relaxation. Omnia Health is available on an individual basis as well as for duos.
Omnia Health focuses on step-by-step, achievable and specific changes that lead to sustainable results. In a dynamic, challenging and fun process we keep you motivated and we improve your quality of life.


Omnia Performance

Omnia Performance is specifically aimed at athletes. It doesn’t matter if you are a starting athlete or an experienced one. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you receive all the necessary guidance to achieve your very best level.
After a detailed analysis of your sport discipline and the corresponding competencies, our specialists will screen you physically. With this information we make a detailed and individual plan that you will implement together with your personal coach.
Omnia Performance strives for physically stronger and more balanced athletes.

Omnia Corporate

Omnia Corporate enables companies to improve (the knowledge about) the health of their employees, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and lower medical costs.