Our Approach - OMNIA


We always start with an extensive interview with one of our highly qualified coaches: what is your initial situation, how is your health and where do you want to go?

The results of this screening are discussed with our entire team, after which we will develop a training plan tailored to your needs.


By measuring 13 different skinfolds we collect essential information about your body. The skinfold measurements are accurate and objective. We repeat these measurements every month in order to track your hormonal profile, the effects of training and your nutritional needs.

On the basis of these measurements, we can make all necessary adjustments to your personal training program, nutrition plan and lifestyle.

We also provide detailed insight into the results, so that you fully understand what it all means and you appreciate your progress.


A specific and personalized diet is essential to achieve great results. We ensure that your nutrition plan contains a good indication of what your body needs to function optimally and achieve your goals.

We not only offer individualized plans, but also simple and effective solutions to manage your food in an easy way.

Nutritional supplements are also an important part of any training plan, but only when they are needed and improve overall performance as well as your well-being. With our extensive knowledge, your supplement protocol will provide you with everything needed to optimize your workouts, nutrition and health.


With the results of your intake you will start working with one of our coaches. He or she will guide you in detail in your training plan to ensure that you know exactly what you are going to do, both inside and outside the studio.

Your coach will also guide you through the pre- and post-workouts so that you can make optimum use of each session. You can expect dynamic, challenging and motivating workouts to get the best out of yourself and your body.

Your training program will be constantly adjusted by your personal trainer in consultation with our head trainer to ensure that your body reacts in the most positive way - this is the key to continuous progress and delivering the best results.


The mental component is just as important for a good result from a training program, but is often forgotten. At Omnia we do pay attention to your lifestyle.

If necessary and desired, we will put you in contact with other specialized professionals.
Personal training

Recovery & Rehabilitation

We advise you on the ideal intake of nutrients before, during and after each training to increase the training effect and promote recovery.

Use of our infrared cabin and steam sauna are ideal ways to promote recovery. You can always use these to relax after a training session

On separate payment, we also offer sports massage, fascia stretching and physiotherapy.

For the best result, it is important that you can move injury-free. Our experienced physiotherapist can help you to improve structural weaknesses and to increase your general and specific flexibility and mobility.