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Do you want to be more aware of your health?

You probably used the internet to find out how to start that off. You’re overwhelmed by the amount of websites that provide information about how to tackle your training and health. What is true and what’s not? Which changes really deliver results? And most importantly: how to introduce sustainable changes in your new lifestyle?

Personal training

Simply put, personal training is one-to-one guidance. Together with your coach, you will draw up a personalized training schedule. This schedule is adapted to what you currently can do and looks ahead to the goals that you want to achieve.  Personal training is one of the most important parts of changing your lifestyle.


Nutrition is just as important as training. You can train as hard as you want, but if your diet is not adapted to your body and goals you won’t see any results. When we draw up your training plan we also make a personalized nutrition plan that will make your body function optimally. In this, we take macro and micronutrients, hydration, supplements, your stomach and intestinal health and detoxification into account.


De mentale component is ook een niet te onderschatten factor bij het bereiken van je doelstellingen. Aandacht voor je levensstijl is bij Omnia onderdeel van je complete programma. Hier geven we aandacht aan je slaap, stress, energieniveau en mindset. Om continue progressie na te streven en je trainingseffecten te optimaliseren is een goede slaap en de juiste mindset essentieel. 

Intake and assessments

During the intake interview we map your current lifestyle and discuss your goals. Based on this, we provide you with our first advice to optimize your diet, sleep and minimalize stress.

In addition to the intake interview, we also conduct various assessments:

  • Postural analysis (how is your posture?)
  • Movement analysis
  • Skin fold measurements (body composition and hormone balance)

We discuss the results of this screening with the entire team. In this way, we can make sure we develop the best plan for you.

Introduction program

Investing in your health is the best investment you can make. A fit body and healthy mind form the foundation for a good quality life. Our introduction program offers you the opportunity to get acquainted with our working method. In 10 sessions we will introduce you to the Omnia method and you will experience the benefits of our holistic approach in which training, nutrition and lifestyle come together.

The introduction package is an investment of €890,-.

Experience Omnia

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